Week 07 – Ears Wide Open

A friend emailed me earlier in the week with a YouTube link to Alice Phoebe Lou from Kommetjie, Cape Town, performing at Ted X, Berlin which simply blew my mind and set the tone for this week’s mixtape. Alice, your voice sends shivers down my spine!

Also, look out for the last two tracks by the late Syd Kitchen who sadly passed on in 2011. I was fortunate enough to have met Syd at the legendary Rainbow Jazz Restaurant in Pinetown, Durban, where we shared some stories over a couple of Black Label quarts. What a character. Check out this trailer of a documentary of Syd’s life called “Fool in a Bubble” by Josh Sternlicht. The last (bonus) track is a narrative by Syd that you’ll totally relate to if you have ever been to Oppikoppi – and especially if you were a vegetarian at the time! Even if you’ve never been to an SA festival, this little clip totally sums up my first experience. Man I laughed!

I simply love all these tracks and hope you do too. Happy days!

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